Friday, 23 September 2011

Spending Time

drake was making nicki's tea in the kitchen .. nicki walked over to him and put her arms around his waist '' your taking your time making this mr drizzy . drake turned around '' oh really well i want it to be perfect for the most perfect girl in the world  ' aww drake i always feel bad when you say things like that

'' come here nicki .. drake picked her up and she rapped her legs around his waist ....'' hmmm kiss me then nicki ... nicki was teasing drake so much  she licked his earlobes and his tongue but no kiss she jumped down '' am going outside to sunbath you coming she walked away and drake just stood licking his lips ....

2 hours later the whole crew headed to the beach while nicki and drake were just going to stay on the boat nicki was sunbathing she had on a Yellow bikini on and glasses she lay on the top deck drake wanted to surprise her so he got some ice cubes and walked upstairs towards

he put the ice cube in his mouth and walked up to nicki she had her dre beats in so she couldn't hear him ....he knelt in between her legs and put his mouth on her stomach with the ice cube in between his teeth ..''ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh drake ..drake pushed her back down '' nicki am going to cool you down '' its to cold ....'' nicki plzz ' ok baby ..drake slide back on nicki's body this time he moved up to her neck '' mmmm drake that is so hot well its cold ahahah

'' glad you liked it ahha

* SPLASH !!!

drake jumped in the water '' you coming in nicki ' yeah * SPLASH ahahahahahahahah
omg drake my bikini top is gone ha '' yummmm .. its not funny drake find it he swam towards her ' no am not finding why should i when i have you no top on ' ahah you look even better without a top on .....'' oh yeah drake ....nicki wrapped her arms around drakes neck the water was so warm and the nicki pushed drake on  to the side of the boat and stuck her tongue in his mouth '' mmmmm nicki i love when your like this drake started to kiss nicki's neck ohh no drake ahahah i dont do love bites ' i do though ' haha you want a love bite from me ' yeahhhhhh ok then keep still '' nicki started to suck drake's neck hard ' baby thats so good ochhhh ahah not my jaw nicki ahahah wow nicki drake licked nicki's jawline .. your so fucking sexy drake ' i know i am haha i love just spending time with you i know the tour is coming up and we always seem to fight and not have a good time i want us to be close always '' aww babe that so sweet i know me too !!!

Nicki I Love You ........................'' do you love me???

...........................................................Nickii ?????

Monday, 19 September 2011

Spin The Bottle


Wayne had grabbed an empty bottle from the bar '' ok now i dont care about this fam thing we say if the 
bottle lands on you.. you do what your told !! ahhahaah everyone laughed 

Nicki was first up ......the bottle hit tyga !! 
''wooo nicki gotta  kiss tyga !! nicki leaned in and only kissed him on his cheek '' hehe it was a kiss ! '' 

'boooooo wayne shouted my turn !! '' omgg it hit nicki '' oohh come hear girl !! ahah wayne stood up and nicki tried to hide behind gudda '' wayne aahh stay away ok on the cheek ??.. ok wayne leaned towards her and licked her cheek ......'' hahahaha ewww !!!after an hour playing drake had got a kiss from SNL but no nicki ..........wayne jumped in the water !!! yeahhh come on you pussy's jump in its fucking amazing !!

everyone started to jump in ''' come on drake nicki screamed '' na its ok aha ........nicki ran towards him plzz babe i wanna swim with you biting her lip and more grabbing drakes shorts....'' oh yeah i don't know every-time we try this shit it goes wrong ...'' stop being a baby !!

'' ahhhhhh nicki pushed drake in the water then jumped in after him ahaha'' come on drake nicki grabbed drakes arms and pulled him around the other side of the boat where no one was .

'' secret place uh ?? '' yeah i only bring people i like here hahaa '' oh yeah so you like me ?? drake come on you know i like you i cant keep my hands off you nicki swam towards him and put her legs around him ....can i tell you something ... sure anything baby ..''i got really jealous when SNL kissed you ! how about we get out of the water and go to your room and play spin the bottle with just the two of us ??? '' mmm nicki i like that idea ..........'' where yous going wayne shout outed ! nicki jumped on drakes back '' where going to play our on spin the bottle ahah !!everyone looked ...........'' ohh wayne you ow me $20 large if they fuck tonight gudda laughed at there bet ! 

From that moment on we didn't need the bottle anymore . Questions were flying through the room now .  ' All of young money  sensed that I wanted to be alone with drake
 . He bent over slightly and kissed me in my neck . ' Oh drake ' , I whispered in his ear : ' I have wanted you since the beginning of young money nicki ' drake looked at me and ran his fingers through my hair . ' I like you very much too nicki, you are one of the most beautiful girls I know . ' Completely happy I kissed him again .
Kissing and touching each other  ' On a night like these you can find out a lot about some people ' : I whispered in drakes's ear . ' Shall we go upstairs ? ' : He whispered back , ' Those will have fun on their own , they don't need us anymore . '
We walked upstairs and drake opened the door of his bedroom . I laid down on the bed and reached my arms towards him . drake came down to lay on top of me and I caressed his back while we kissed . drake was wearing a t-shirt and a nice shorts . I pulled his t-shirt out off his shorts and moved my hand under his shirt to feel his bare skin . drake caressed my cheeks and let his hands run down my body . He caressed my neck , between my breasts and down towards my tummy . I felt his warm hand moving under my sweater and crawling back up . He laid his hand on my left breast . The touch on the fabric of my bra made me moan softly . I pushed drake  softly off me so I could get up . drake look and me and said : ' Sweet nicki , I hope you don't think I just want you for a one night , I am not like that . ' I caressed his cheek . ' I think you are a sweet guy , drake . I am so in love with you . I want to make love with you tonight . ' : I blushed . ' Wait , ' he said , ' wayne has some condoms in his bedroom , I'll get them . ' He got off the bed and ran out off the bedroom .

Shit , ' I thought , ' Condoms , I hadn't even thought about that , because I was too horny . ' I was lucky he thought about it cause you can never be safe enough . Quickly I slipped a hand down my pants . I felt how wet I was and I can tell you , it was a while ago since I was this wet . I heard drake walking back into the room and quickly I pulled my hand back out my pants , rubbing them dry on my sweater .
I got up from the bed and walked towards drake . He was holding a Durex condom . I laid my finger on his lips . drake kissed it . ' Sit down on the bed ' : I told him . He walked to the bed and sat down . I walked towards him and was standing in front of him now and grabbed his hands and laid them on my sweater , on my breasts . ' Truth or dare ? ' I asked . ' Dare ! ' : drake replied fast . I smiled at him . ' Do you dare to watch how I pull off my sweater and bra without touching yourself or me ? ' I asked him . ' Well okay , go ahead ' : drake replied . Again I laid my finger on his lips : ' Ssst , I wasn't ready with my challenge yet . ' I smiled again : ' Do you dare to watch how I undress myself completely without touching yourself or me ? ' ' And do you dare to let go all the build up lusts inside you after that on me ? ' drake smiled , almost moaning : ' Yes nicki your fucking hot  . ' His eyes where shining .

 let my hands glide over my sweater , caressing my own breasts in front of drake . I let my hands slip underneath my sweater and start rubbing my breasts . After that I pulled off my sweater and dropped it next to me on the floor . My nipples were very hard and pushed a little through my bra . I closed my eyes and softly pinched my nipples . I caught myself on moaning softly . When I opened my eyes again I saw how drake was enjoying the show . In his shorts a huge bulge started to grow . I turned around and brought my hands behind my back . drake watched how I unhooked my black bra and slowly slipped the straps off my shoulders . I held my arms through the straps of my bra and turned around towards Tim . I was holding the cups of my bra in front of my breasts and bend over a little to show drizzy  a nice view on my breasts . His eyes opened wide when I dropped my bra in the floor .

I let my hand slip into my pants and started rubbing over my thong . I moaned softly I rubbed myself , making it seem that I was fingering myself . At that moment I was sure that drake wanted to open his jeans to jerk himself off but again he kept control of himself . I was already looking forward to the moment when he was going to release all of his lusts on me . I unbuttoned my pants and unzipped it , and pulled it down . My black thong moved along a little but lucky for me and kept in place just enough for drake to see nothing . I stepped out off my pants and sat down on my knees on the bed so that my waist was right in front of drake's face . He took a deep breath through his nose and he must have smelled my horny juice through my thong . I grabbed his hands and laid them on my ass . He grabbed my ass tight and pulled me against his face . He kissed my thong . I pulled his t-shirt off . drake had nice shoulders and a flat muscled tummy . I grabbed his head with my hands and kissed him again . Between two kisses I moaned in his ear : ' Go ahead , rip off my thong cause I want you . ' I felt how drake grabbed my thong with his two hands and with a firm grasp he ripped my thong in pieces . The piece of fabric glided down my body and I was sitting fully naked on my knees with drake's head between my legs .

He gave kisses on my vagina which I , luckily for me , shaved before I came to this boat . A shiver ran through my body when he moved his tongue over my clitoris . drake noticed that : ' Did you like that ? ' I let myself fall on the bed and spread my legs , while I pulled the lips of my pussy apart with my hands , making my swollen clit visible to him . ' Go in . ' I almost begged him . After which he with all his lusts , caused by my teasing striptease , started to lick my pussy all over . He licked my clitoris with long slow strokes and sometimes he flicked his tongue faster over my clitoris , almost shaking with his tongue . Sometimes he pushes his tongue inside my pussy and used his fingers to rub over my clit . Also he caressed my breasts and gently pinched my nipples . I moved my hands through his hair and started moaning harder and louder . My whole body started to glow .

' Ooh yeah , drakeeee. ' I moaned . And I grabbed his head tight in my hands and closed my legs around his head . ' Lick me , go on ' My body started shaking and a tantalizing tension moved through my head , my hands and my feet , through my whole body at the same time till the tension focused on my vagina . My hips bucked on the bed , my whole body cramped . In the living room downstairs I heard SNL scream with a loud voice : ' Oooh Wayne , I am cumming ! ' On that moment it felt like there was an explosion inside my pussy . I screamed too : ' Aaaaah DRIZZYYY FUCKING DRAKEEE! 

To tease him I looked up and asked him with an innocent voice : ' Is it okay if I suck you  ? ' ' fucking hell Please !' : he moaned back . And then I closed my lips around the head of his cock and let his cock slip into my mouth and he moaned : ' Ooh yeahnicki , suck me baby mmmmmmm  . ' I let his cock slip outside my mouth again and sucked hard on the tip of his cock . I let it slide back into my mouth and started to rub his balls with my hand . drake got up from the bed and was standing up now while I stayed on my knees , blowing him fast now . I sucked hard on his cock and let it slip fast inside my mouth . I pinched in his ass . drke grabbed my head with both his hands . ' Can I fuck your sweet little mouth , NICKI ? ' he moaned . I nodded yes and kept my head in place . Slowly DRAKE started moving his hips . I felt his thick cock gliding into my mouth . I caressed his tummy , his balls and ran a finger though the crack of his ass . DRAKE moaned softly when I . ' OoohNICKI , ' he called me . He never called my that way . I liked it , it was kind of horny , a calling name like that . With his hard thick cock in my mouth I uttered : ' Oooh DRIZZY. ' And I slipped my whole finger inside his ass , to pull it out again quickly . Tim moaned in pleasure . He stopped fucking my mouth .
Without saying a word I laid down on the bed with my legs wide open . We could sense each other perfectly now . DRAKE grabbed the condom . He ripped the wrapping open and took out the condom . He placed it on the head of his cock and pulled it down over his shaft . It looked like a gift , a wrapped dick . He laid down between my spread legs and placed his cock against my pussy . I noticed that that it wasn't placed very well so I grabbed it with my hand . Slowly and carefully I guided the top of his cock into my vagina . DRAKE laid his full sexy body all over me . I looked into his nice brown eyes , still holding his cock . ' Sweet DRAKE , come inside me and make love to me like you never done before . ' I whispered softly . DRAKEs face turned red and he admitted to me : ' This is my dream . ' I let go off his cock and it sled inside my soaking wet pussy . We both moaned in pleasure . The feeling of his hard cock inside my pussy . My pussy , which had felt its share of cocks already , was eager to accept Tim's cock . His cock , that never had entered a pussy before . drake's thick cock inside my pussy for the first time . That tight pussy , for the first time around drakes cock , an amazing feeling .
Because his cock was so thick I could feel it inside me very well . But cause of all the juices that ran out off my pussy cause of my wetness , his cock could slide easily in and out of my pussy . First he applied a slow pace with slow , deep trusts . I ran my nails over his back on each trust he gave me . drake was resting on his elbows and used his hands to caress my breasts and my cheeks and running his fingers thought my hair . ' I never felt something incredible like this ' : Tim moaned . I moaned back : ' I can feel your thick cock well inside me . ' Suddenly he started trusting me faster . ' I cant hold it much longer , nicki ' : . ' Go ahead , cum for me baby , you wanted this  : I winked at him . I wrapped my legs around his waist and moved along on his rhythm . I rubbed my hands over drakes's chest and his small nipples . ' I am going to cum soon , I am cumming , nickiiii ' : He screamed through the boat ! ' Shoot it all inside me , fill me with your horny sperm , driizzyyyy ' : I yelled back . I felt how drake's body was trembling , he gave me a few deep , hard trusts , on which he yelled : ' Oooh nickii , I am cumming , I am cumming . ' On that moment I pinched hard in his hard , small nipples and on the last deep trust he filled my wet pussy with his warm hot semen . He collapsed and his whole body was laying on top of me now . He was shaking all over .

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Young Money We Popping !


Drake swam towards nicki '' haha drake get off me hahaha ..drake was trying to kiss her ..'' come on nicki i
know you want me haah

'' YO Love birds were going to the boat yous coming ??

yeah wayne i am nicki hit drake and started to climb the steps up to her an drakes room
drake was starring hard at nicki's ass '' haha drake keep looking thats all your going to do ahaha nicki walked away to the young money boat .

Wayne good friend mike had joined them he was so good looking and very successful he wanted to meet nicki

Nicki and just came on board and snl had handed her a glass of red ....'' oh girl i need this haha ooo who's that guy talking to wayne ? '' hes called mike and he is very fine ahahha '' yeah maybe after this i will introduce myself to him ahah ...'' yeah sexy drake came to say hi '' hi babe you look nice .. ' thanks what you guys all giddy about ? ......nothing drake ..'' well nicki has the hots for wayne's friend   mike .......nicki went so quite

'' is this true nicki ... '' well he's ok hehe.....'' he looks like a fucking dick !! '' ooohh jealous snl was laughing so hard .....Fuck You's ! drake stormed off ..........'' should i go after him nicki looked so sorry for him

just has nicki was going to walk to see drake '' nicki ? . it was mike ...'' oh hi nice to meet i have heard alot about you ...'' bad or good ? hahaa wayne says your a nice guy ..'' i am and your very sexy ...haha you wanna go get a drink '' sure i need to go see drake first just bring it out and we will sit outside the sunset should be coming up soon !

drake was sitting sulking ....'' drake you ok nicki came out and sat next to him '' yeah nicki am fine you should go i dont want MIKE ! to see you with me .....''dra....Go nicki you made it clear  !

mike returned with drinks ''   nicki you wanna sit over here i have a blanket and a few candles '' oh thanks hun am coming over now ...Nicki whispered in drakes hear '' maybe if you were not sulking you could be in his shoes right now drake if you say you like me you never show it !! i have no time for people like that nicki walked over to mike

'' your so beatiful nicki i have wanted to meet you for so long haha i saw your song go hard wayne sent it to me i have been dieing to meet you since then '' hahaah thats so cute

meanwhile drake was sitting on the edge on the boat smoking and drinking alot of  ....gudda gudda came out .. you ok lil homie '' yeah bro just bummed a bit .. '' why and nicki flirt like crazy and we kiss and hug like all day but when i try to make a real move she backs away then fucks off with a guy then has the fucking nevre to say i need to show her how a feel ! ...........'' wow bro thats deep ahah i know that nicki is not interested in him

drake turned around ............. nicki and mike were kissing
'' wow mike your a great kisser ahah ..'' well your not bad yourself !! nicki had saw drake looking and she stopped kissing him ..'' wooo what are you ok yeah am fine i just feel a bit sick aha its being on this boat you wanna go inside '' yeah am going to say good night to drake then i will come in can you get me a green tea plzz ...'' yeah sure

'' drakee ................'' oh you know am here i thoughht you forgot i was sorry nic i would never kiss a girl infront of you just out of respect i ... drake babe dont be like this i just was talking .... ''' hahah yeah with your mouth ! nicki sat down and put her arm around his waist listen babe you know i will never do anything to hurt you .........'' NICKI ! mike called over...'' nicki you should go ....nicki stood up and went over listen mike hmm am staying with drake this is a family holiness and i need to spend time with my family '' oh wayne said that i wouldn't get close to you because of this nigga ! '' haha i will see you around then ??
'' i hope nicki ....he kissed her cheek and headed back indoors ...

after chating for an hour drake and nicki were back to the normal selfs '' we good then drake .. nicki put her hands on drake hands ..''yeah sexy were good drake kissed her cheek .... '' mmm drake try again this time dont miss my mouth .. drakes eyes opened wide ! '' for real .... he leaned close to her ...

YOUNG MONEYY WE POPPING !!!! !! Wayne jumped though the doors come everyone were playing spin the bottle bitches all the young money crew came out to play ... drake give up and hit his head on the ground nicki laughed and leaned on his back  .. for fuck sake i cant get a brake ! ... '' haha come on drake nicki grabbed his hand lets play you might get lucky ??? ... and she whispered ether way you will get a kiss tonight ! <3


Friday, 16 September 2011


Young Money Were About To celebrate they very successful tour with lil Wayne by heading to bora bora ibiza to have a very relaxing holiday they whole crew was there Wayne hannle ..tyga ,gudda gudda,  Mack Maine, Jae Millz, Cory Gunz, Lil Twist, Gudda Gudda, Lil Chuckee, Short Dawg, T-Streets Nicki Minaj And her on and off hype man S.B who was not coming on this trip and also drizzy drake the young money megga star

The Plane Was Waiting To Take Off everyone was starting to arrive

'' Yo Yo Yo Bora Bora Bitchess !! Hear I Come '' Wayne Laughed

nicki and s.b where walking towards drake and wayne

'' morning guys '' nicki kissed drake and Wayne on the cheek '' whats good in the hood '' am going on the plane nic ..s.b '' so nicki am going have a nice time he kissed her and left ..wooo nicki where's s.b going ...hes going to his moms i need a break from him haha  '' your quite drake ..' oh sorry i didn't think i had to be loud around you drake stormed off and went on the plane.....'' what the fucks wrong with that nigga damn ! '' hahaah nic lets go we have a holiday to get to ahahha they went on board

Drake Was sitting on his seat with his dre beats in and looking at nicki  he was upset that nicki and forgot about him lately ...'' Yo Drake can i come sit next to you i have a few songs i want  you to listen to '' sure nic come on  drake...'' listen nicki i am sorry that i went of on one today '' haha its ok drizzy come on i need some ideas for this song

nicki was going though lots of beats  '' oh i have a beat and i have wrote most of the song but i want some one i care about to do a verse ...nicki winked ahahah plzz drake !!! i know its our holiday i will make it up to ...drakes eyes grew wide '' eww why you so nasty  you have  girlfriend  drakeee !! ' well on and off girlfriend ....

2.00 am

'drakeeeee ' what nicki its latee ' do you wanna play a game
drake sat up fast '' what game '' ahah Kill Marry Fuck ... haha ok nicki you start

''Ok Rihanna, Me, Sarena... '' my three of my fav people on earth ... '' go then

Fuck..... You ... so good and anywhere you want hahahah

'' hahahaha really ... your turn drake

''Ok Trey,Me,Wayne,S.B

Marry... You
Fuck ....Wayne '' what !! '' hahaah its a joke .. fuck .... you .. this is an  awkward moment .. well drake am tired i need to sleep cant wait to get to bora bora '' yeah me too

night nicki kissed drake on the cheek .. he was staring at her ... '' nicki ... what ... your so sexy !! .. haha night drizzy !

after a very long and boring plane ride the young money stars had finally reached bora bora

wayne - everyone wake up !!!!
drake - why nigga !
nicki - OMFG where here

everyone looked out of the window it was Paradise

wayne - ok everyone need to 2 up for the rooms i am with SNL
snl - haha thanks for asking haha
tyga - me and lil twist
t streets - me and nicki
nicki - ahha nigga you wish
drake - gudda or cory you wanna share ??
gudda - ....
nicki - drake i wanna share with you

drake smiled so hard

everyone - woooooooooooooooo

nicki - shut up !!
drake - yeah nic

wayen - yo gudda i will make a bet 2 weeks and drake and nicki will be fucking ?
gudda - ahhahaha nigga give it a week
wayne - 10 grand in a week if its 2 weeks 20 grand
gudda - deal nigga !

everyone was on the way to there rooms '' drake nooo !!!! .. drake grabbed nicki and threw her full force in the sea '' ahhhhhh drake i cant swim you fucking idiot .. drake jumped in and swam ''' nickii !! are you ok he reached her am coming ........hahahahaah i was joking drake i can swim you fucking idiot throwing me in though

drake - you look so fucking good wet
nicki - ahahha get off you blew it if you where going to get anything from me boy
drake grabbed her ...........''wanna bet '' !!

more coming tonight plzz comment for me to keep writing do you like it what would you like to see happen would love ideas haa mwahh luv u !! <3